RNA-DNA-Protein Purification Plus Kit

For sequential isolation of total RNA, genomic DNA and total proteins from the same sample

Formerly Cat. 24200, 24210, and 24000

  • Sequentially purify total RNA (and miRNA), DNA and proteins from a single sample
  • No sample splitting or need to use phenol or precipitation methods
  • Purify RNA/DNA/Protein from cultured animal cells, tissues, blood, bacteria, yeast, fungi or plants
  • Rapid and efficient spin column procedure - all done in 30 minutes
  • Proteins are purified on column and are soluble in the elution buffer. No further cleaning is required
Items Cat. # Size
RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Plus Kit 47700 50 Preps

RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Plus Kit

This kit provides a rapid spin-column method for the isolation and purification of total RNA, genomic DNA and proteins sequentially from a single sample of cultured animal cells, small tissue samples, blood, bacteria, yeast, fungi or plants.

The kit employs two columns: 1) for gDNA purification and 2) for RNA purification utilizing silicon carbide columns (superior for the binding of all RNA sizes including miRNA). The proteins are also purified on the second column after RNA elution. The proteins are eluted in buffer and are ready for downstream application without any further clean up required. The proteins can be quantified directly, used in western blots, ELISA or mass spectrometry.


This kit is ideal for researchers who are interested in studying the genome, proteome and transcriptome of a single sample, such as for studies of microRNA profiling, gene expression including gene silencing experiments or mRNA knockdowns, studies involving biomarker discovery, and for characterization of cultured cell lines. Norgen’s RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Plus Kit is especially useful for researchers who are isolating macromolecules from precious, difficult to obtain or small samples such as biopsy materials or single foci from cell cultures, as it eliminates the need to fractionate the sample. Furthermore, analysis will be more reliable since the RNA, DNA and proteins are derived from the same sample, thereby eliminating inconsistent results. The purified macromolecules are of the highest purity and can be used in a number of different downstream applications.
The purified RNA, DNA and proteins are of the highest integrity and can be used in a number of downstream applications.



Kit Specifications
Maximum Column Binding Capacity
50 μg for RNA
20 μg for DNA
200 μg for protein
Maximum Column Loading Volume
650 μL
Size of RNA Purified
All sizes, including small RNA
(< 200 nt)
Size of DNA Purified
≥ 30 kb
Maximum Amount of Starting Material:
Animal Cells
Animal Tissues
Plant Tissues
5 x 106 cells
25 mg (for selected tissues)
100 μL
1 x 109 cells
1 x 108 cells
50 mg
50 mg
Time to Complete 10 Purifications
30 minutes

Average Yields:
HeLa Cells (1 x 106 cells)
HeLa Cells (1 x 106 cells)
HeLa Cells (1 x 106 cells)

15 μg RNA
8 μg DNA
150 μg protein

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
The Protein Loading Dye should be stored at -20°C upon arrival. All other solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. These reagents should remain stable for at least 1 year in their unopened containers.



Kit Components
Component Cat. 47700 (50 preps)
Lysis Buffer Q 40 mL
Wash Solution A 2 x 38 mL, 1 x 18 mL
Elution Solution A 6 mL
Elution Buffer F 15 mL
Wash Solution C 30 mL
Binding Buffer A 8 mL
Elution Buffer C 8 mL
Protein Neutralizer 4 mL
Protein Loading Dye 2 mL
gDNA Purification Columns 50
RNA/Protein Purification Columns 50
Collection Tubes 150
Elution Tubes (1.7 mL) 150
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Title Alpha-defensins secreted by dysplastic granulocytes inhibit the differentiation of monocytes in chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.
Journal Blood. 2010.
Authors Droin N, Jacquel A, Hendra JB, Racoeur C, Truntzer C, Pecqueur D, Benikhlef N, Ciudad M, Guery L, Jooste V, Dufour E, Fenaux P, Quesnel B, Kosmider O, Fontenay M, Ducoroy P, Solary E..