ProteoSpin™ Total Protein Concentration and Detergent Clean-Up Maxi Kit

For fast and simple removal of detergents from protein samples

  • Concentrate protein samples and remove detergents, salts and denaturants at the same time
  • Rapid and convenient spin-column protocol is completed in about 20 minutes
  • Effectively remove a wide range of detergents including SDS, Triton® X-100, CHAPS, NP-40, and Tween 20
Items Cat. # Size
ProteoSpin™ Total Protein Concentration and Detergent Clean-Up Maxi Kit 17150 4 preps

ProteoSpin™ Total Protein Concentration and Detergent Clean-Up Maxi Kit

This kit simultaneously removes detergents, salts, denaturants and other contaminants from protein samples while concentrating and buffer exchanging with a rapid and convenient spin column method in about 40 minutes. All types of detergents including ionic, non-ionic and zwitterionic detergents can be effeciently removed. Both free detergents and those bound to proteins are effectively removed. Unlike other commercially available kits that can only handle one detergent and often do not remove denaturants, this kit removes a variety of detergents and denturants that may be used during the purification of the protein sample while providing high protein recovery.

No further cleaning of the protein sample is required and it can be used directly in a variety of downstream applications including mass spectrometry, SDS-PAGE, isoelectric focusing, and NMR spectroscopy.

Kit Specifications
Maximum Protein Input
8 mg
Minimum Protein Input
0.25 mg
Protein Recovery
Up to 100%
% Detergent Removal
> 95%
Minimum Elution Volume
4 mL
Time to Process 12 Samples
40 minutes

Storage Conditions
Unopened solutions should be stored at room temperature. Once opened, the solutions should be stored at 4°C when not in use, except for the Basic and Acidic Binding Buffers, which should be stored at room temperature.




Kit Components
Component Cat. 17150 (4 preps)
Binding Buffer A 20 mL
Binding Buffer N 20 mL
Wash Solution C 60 mL
Wash Solution CIP 60 mL
Wash Solution N 60 mL
Wash Solution NIP 60 mL
Elution Buffer C 2 x 30 mL
Protein Neutralizer 2 x 4 mL
Maxi Spin Columns (assembled with collection tubes) 4
Elution Tubes 4
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