Food DNA Isolation Kit

For the isolation of DNA directly from food or from enriched microorganisms

  • Isolate DNA from a wide range of food materials. (e.g boiled, fluid, processed or raw food products)
  • No hazardous chemicals required (e.g. phenol or chloroform)
  • Effective lysis with Proteinase K and optional lysozyme treatment
  • Fast (less than 15 minutes hands-on time) and convenient processing using a rapid spin-column format
  • Wide compatibility with a variety of food products for GMO-DNA isolation
  • Universal protocol for food related pathogen DNA isolation (Gram positive and Gram negative)
Items Cat. # Size
Food DNA Isolation Kit 54500 50 preps

Food DNA Isolation Kit

This kit provides a rapid spin column method for the isolation and purification of total DNA from a wide range of food samples originating from animals or plants. The kit is designed for identification of GMO-DNA or animal components in food and feed and can be used for a wide range of starting materials including raw or processed food, meat, liquids, sauces and dairy products including milk, cheese and yogurt.

This kit also provides a convenient method for the detection of food-related pathogens and will isolate such DNA (enriched or as is) including Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, yeast and fungi which may contaminate food sources. A number of pathogens have been tested including E. coli O157:H7,Staphylococcus, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enterica & Campylobacter jejuni. The purified DNA is of the highest integrity, and can be used in a number of downstream applications including PCR based detection, sequencing and genotyping.

Kit Specifications
Maximum Column Binding Capacity
50 μg
Maximum Column Loading Volume
650 μL
Maximum Amount of Starting Material:
Solid food material
Liquid sample (e.g. milk or concentrated juice)
200 mg
1 mL to 1.5 mL
Time to Complete 10 Purifications
45 minutes

Storage Conditions and Product Stability
The kit contains ready-to-use Proteinase K which is dissolved in a specially prepared storage buffer. The Proteinase K should be stored at room temperature or 4°C. All other solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature.

Samples Tested by PCR

Food Materials Samples that Have Been Tested by PCR
Plant related

Cereal, Jam, Chocolate, Spices, Sauce

Animal related

Raw and processed meat products (e.g. ham, beef jerky, taco seasoned ground beef, pork and sausage)

Dairy product

Milk, Yogurt, Cheese

Pathogens (enriched from food samples)

E. coli O157:H7 from food sample
Staphylococcus from milk
Listeria monocytogenes from milk
Salmonella enterica from raw meat
Campylobacter jejuni from milk



Kit Components
Component Cat. 54500 (50 preps)
Lysis Buffer L 60 mL
Binding Buffer I 7 mL
Buffer SK 30 mL
Wash Solution A 18 mL
Elution Buffer B 8 mL
Proteinase K 1 vial
Spin Columns 50
Collection Tubes 50
Elution Tubes (1.7 mL) 50
Product Insert 1